March 25-26, 2017
HSHacks is back!
Where is the event?
Code of Conduct
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What is HSHacks? @HighSchoolHacks
HSHacks is the biggest high school hackathon in the world. 24 hours, with workshops, activities, mentors, awesome swag and anything you can think of.
What is a hackathon? @HighSchoolHacks
You bring the ideas, we help turned them to reality. A Hackathon is where participants (aka Hackers) spend 24 hours working together to create awesome projects. We will be providing you with people from the industry, food and a bunch of activities to give you the power of coding.
What if I can't code? @HighSchoolHacks
Then you are in the right spot! We will have workshops and mentors on site to be there to help you. Plus, you'll have 24 hours to build your dream app.
Who can participate? @HighSchoolHacks
All high school students are invited to come regardless of coding knowledge and skill. If you are not in high school, you are welcome to mentor!
What if I don't have an idea or team? @HighSchoolHacks
No worries! Most of the hackers come here without an idea or team, we will be having activities at the beggining of the event so that you can brainstorm ideas and meet people.
What if I have another question? @HighSchoolHacks
Reach out to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Where is the event?
University 42
42 USA
6600 Dumbarton Cir, Fremont, CA 94555
42 US is a tuition-free coding school that has just opened its doors this year in Fremont, California. Our founding branch is located in Paris, France and has been operating with great success since 2013. 42’s mission is to undercover the talents of this generation in the field of programming, and to do so on a broad scale. To achieve this, 42 is giving all young people an opportunity - students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational degree, but solely on their talent and motivation.
6600 Dumbarton Cir, Fremont, CA 94555
March 25-26, 2017
There are more questions to come, make sure to reach us out if you have any that are not listed!
Will there be hardware to hack on?
Yes! Hardware will be provided for you to borrow, we will post a full list of hardware once we get closer to the event.
How do I get to the event?
Once you apply we will send out information on how to get to our venue. If you are driving, there is plenty of parking around for you!
How much will HSHacks cost?
Zer0! We will be providing you with the energy, meals, swag and a place to build up your creativity.
When will applications open?
Applications are now open! Apply now at
Are there computers I can hack on?
Yes! We can provide as many top-notch computers (courtesy of 42) to you. More on that coming soon.
Will there be prizes?
The prizes are the least important part of the event, but everyone will have the opportunity of winning them.
In order to participate at HSHacks III, all attendees will need to sign waivers and agree to the MLH Code of Conduct found below. The waiver will be alongside your application.
Code of Conduct
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We'll be posting our full list of sponsors soon.
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