March 25-26, 2017
HSHacks, the premier high school hackathon, is back!
What is HSHacks?
HSHacks is the biggest high school hackathon in the world. 24 hours, with workshops, activities, mentors, awesome swag and anything you can think of.
Who can participate?
All high school students are invited to come regardless of coding knowledge and skill. If you are not in high school, you are welcome to mentor.
What if I can't code?
Then you are in the right spot! We will have workshops and mentors on site to be there to help you. Plus, you'll have 24 hours to build your dream app.
How will teams work?
At HSHacks, we encourage you to work in a team of up to 4 members. We will have a team mixer available for you at the beginning of the hackathon.
Will there be hardware to hack on?
Yes! Hardware will be provided for you to borrow, we will post a full list of hardware once we get closer to the event.
What if I have another question?
Reach out to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
HSHacks II
Female Attendees
We'll be posting our full list of sponsors soon!
Stay updated
We will keep you updated.